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Data Historian

Data Historian collects data from the Data Collection agent and stores it in SQL database files. Historian can be configured to capture all data points or only capture data when a value changes by a specified amount. As a result, the quantity of data to be saved can be controlled. Historian makes a logical connection to the Data Collection agent over the network. If that connection is disturbed, Historian will automatically backfill when the connection is restored. Data is viewed through a web interface using Internet Explorer from any computer.


Data Tables

Historian allows users to select data points from a tree structure similar to the file tree in Windows. Simply click down the tree to the data points desired. Clicking on the data point, adds the point to the data viewer on the right side of the screen. Change the filter in the lower right corner to select the date range and other parameters. The selected data is displayed as a data table. The table can be viewed directly or can be copied and pasted in to Excel for further use.



Data can also be viewed as various graphs. This view graphs the selected data as a line graph. The graph can be copied into other applications for external use.



Configured and custom reports can be created and saved. The reports can then be called directly by simply clicking on a link associated with the desired report. This sample report shows monthly use for each meter for a period of 15 months. The report data can be saved as an MS Excel spreadsheet for other uses. The report can also be configured to allow users to select a desired date range at the time the report is requested.

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