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Our systems include a range of products specifically designed to assist our clients in understanding, operating, and controlling key elements of their facilities to achieve an increase in efficiency. 

Data Collection Module
The basic function of a DCM is to collect raw data from a device that does not support Ethernet connectivity and make the data available to the energy system over a network connection.

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Data Collection & Visualization
Data Collection is performed by one or more computers that communicate with end point metering devices, protection devices, and RTUs. The system gathers and acts on the collected data.

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Data Historian
Data Historian collects data from the Data Collection agent and stores it in SQL database files. Historian can be configured to capture all data or only when a value changes by a specified amount.

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Advanced Analysis
The Analysis Package runs on a separate server. It can connect to the Data Historian, Data Collector, or other data sources. It collects data into a SQL database and provides users with the ability to perform combinations and filtering then feed the results to graphics outputs.

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There are virtually limitless possibilities for system configuration. Most clients start with a simple system; this is our recommendation.

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