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Data Collection Module


Data Collection Module Installed

Centric Energy Systems provides a variety of data collection modules.  The basic function of a DCM is to collect raw data from a device that does not support Ethernet connectivity and make the data available to the energy system over a network connection. DCM devices can be customized to many different unique data needs.



The most common DCM devices involve capturing either consumption or flow data. A consumption DCM collects pulse contacts from a consumption meter. It accumulates total consumption and calculates average flow so the system can obtain both consumption data and flow data from a consumption style meter. Common consumption meters are utility electric meters, gas meters, and water meters. A flow DCM collects current flow and calculates consumption based on integrated flow. This DCM takes an analog input, typically 4-20 mA from a flow meter. It calculates total consumption based on the measured flow in a short time interval and accumulates total consumption from the short-time interval consumption. Typical flow meters include steam and compressed air.

Centric also makes several other DCM modules to allow connection of non-digital devices to a network and the energy system.

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