Clarity Through Visualization


Caterpillar needed to collect source and use data for a variety of energies including: electricity, natural gas, steam, water, compressed air, and diesel fuel. With our SCADA, SQL databases, dashboards, and written reports, they are able to collect and display important data regarding pressure, flow, and peak of each energy type as well as where it came from and how it was used.

U.S. Forest Service

The U.S. Forest Service needed to be able to capture and report on electricity use from not only the utility but their solar panel arrays around the United States. All of this data is displayed visually showing the amount of energy coming from each source and the efficiency of the solar arrays at daily and monthly intervals.

Northwestern University

Centric assisted Northwestern University in tracking energy use across various buildings on two separate campuses. Our systems are able to collect and display each building's operational data in volts, amps, power, etc. This data allows Northwestern to check compliance with the utility company's curtailment contract and capture any abnormal events should they happen.

Arcelor Mittal

Arcelor Mittal, one of the world's largest steel producers, asked Centric to help them track and report energy use for their steel mill and provide data in both long and short term energy use.

Wheaton College

Wheaton College needed a system that could capture and report electric energy use for every building on campus. Our systems allow Wheaton College to see that usage reported out for daily and monthly use through both printed reports and visual displays.

Jipangu Inc.

Jipangu, one of the largest producers of gold ore in the United States, needed a system capable of monitoring the operating and process controls of each gold mine and refining mill in real-time.


Americold is the gobal leader in cold storage solutions around the world. Centric equipped Americold with a customized system that provides an operator interface that reports back system status and allows for control of all products from the food processor to the freezer and anywhere in between.

ZGF Architects

ZGF Architects needed a system that could monitor and report the effectiveness of various lighting controls and daylight harvesting for an office building to maximize efficiency of the lighting systems in place.

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