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Advanced Analysis

The Analysis Package runs on a separate server. It can connect to the Data Historian, Data Collector, or other data sources. It collects data into a SQL database and provides users with the ability to perform combinations and filtering then feed the results to graphics outputs. It includes the ability to run preconfigured calculations to give metrics on energy performance throughout a facility and to combine those metrics across the entire organization.


Data Tables

Advanced analytics provide access to data with the ability to combine and analyze the raw data using various combinations and filters.



Using the analysis suite, users can graph data in a variety of views with different combinations of data. This enables views of data that are otherwise unavailable, to analyze such things as time of use or location of use. Comparisons between various uses can be performed to better understand normals, deviations, and causes. By clicking on a data point, users can drill into the data to view the detail behind the graph.


Site Dashboard

Dashboards provide a high level graphic view of energy use. This dashboard enables users to easily access information on electricity use, natural gas use, and electricity production for an entire site using their own computer and Internet Explorer.

Controls on the screen allow users to select energy type, application, and the time base.


Building Dashboard

Dashboards provide a high level graphic view of energy use. This dashboard provides a clear indication of the amount of electric energy being used for lighting, HVAC, and manufacturing within a large manufacturing facility.

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