Clarity Through Visualization

    Want to cut facility energy usage?

    Centric allows you to visualize real-time energy consumption.

    Centric software integrates with your existing energy metering systems and turns data into actionable dashboards and reports.


    Reduce Your Ecological Impact!

    Centric energy monitoring lets you visualize the savings.

    Centric's monitoring systems help you reduce unnecessary usage and identify potential problems before they start, creating less waste and a safer environment.


    Reduce problems and costs!

    Centric systems help you identify and address potential problems.

    Centric software is designed help you detect system faults through easy to understand visuals.


Centric Energy Systems Awarded "10 Most Promising Energy Tech Solution Providers in 2019"

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Centric’s energy monitoring systems drive operational efficiency and reduce energy expenses. This frees up capital for your company growth, maintenance, and other programs.

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Now with Centric's real-time monitoring, you can identify and respond to faulty systems before more damage occurs. This yields improved system lifecycles and efficiencies.

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Through Centric's solutions our customers are making things better for society and the environment by reducing wasted energy. This benefits everyone, and makes you feel good about your operations.

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Just A Few of Our Clients

Centric Energy Systems has worked with a number of clients including manufacturers, institutions, service companies and process facilities.

Caterpillar needed a system capable of collecting data for a variety of energies and tracking their consumption over long and short intervals. 


Centric provided the U.S. Forest Service with a system that could capture and report on electricity use and the efficiency of solar arrays. 


Northwestern University needed a system that could help them track energy use on two campuses with operational data reports. 


Centric was chosen by metal juggarnaut Arcelor Mittal to supply a system that could track and report on short and long term energy usage.


Wheaton College needed a system that could capture the data on energy use for every building on campus which was then reported daily and monthly.


Centric provided gold smelter Jipangu, with a system that could provide real-time status of operations, and process controls of their gold mine and mill.


Americold Cold Storage was provided with a system that could display the status of their facilities and allow control of product flow.   


 Centric was tasked with providing a system that could collect and display data on daylight harvesting and the effectiveness of lighting controls. 


How To Try It

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